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United to Build A Brighter Future – Tercio’s Sustainable Solutions

Tercio Sustainable Solutions For A Brighter Future

Dream to Action

From brainstorming to conceptual design
Patent application to project execution
Frustration and confusion
Trials and errors
Finally we bring it alive

Tercio Sustainable Future: Dream to Action

This is just the beginning
Of a never-ending journey
Through collective efforts
We set to accomplish more goals
A better world to live
A harmonized place to stay

No boundaries and limitation
From East to West
Without hesitation and fear
To continue this sustainable adventure
With a strong heart
And a growing team
Together as one
This is Us
We are Tercio

The Earth is facing a growing environmental crisis, with a range of serious issues affecting the planet and its inhabitants.

Climate change, a result of increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, is leading to rising temperatures, more extreme weather patterns, and melting polar ice caps.

Plastic pollution is clogging the oceans and endangering marine life, while air pollution is affecting human health and aggravating respiratory problems.

The rapid depletion of natural resources, such as forests, water, and minerals, is also a growing concern. No more excuses, as it’s time for a change. We need to Act Now.


A Better World to Live

UTOPIER, a place we created to foster green innovations and sustainable solutions, explore feasible methods to tackle a myriad of natural crisis and build a better future.

Tercio Sustainable Future: A Better World to Live

Desert land accounts for 33% to 35% of the Earth’s dry land, continuously expanding due to human activities. The increase in arid land has become a rising issue due to devastating climate actions and pollution. Fortunately, trees are considered one of the best tools to combat global warming.

Deserts. Arid Lands.
Tree Planting.

Thoughts of how to pull the three together kept looping in our minds. After rounds of experimental discussion, we landed on our first creation, AIPA.

Tercio Sustainable Future: Deserts, Arid Lands, Tree Planting

It can be used to grow economic trees in arid zones with minimal maintenance or native plants to restore nature and livelihood. Moreover, the planter box is suitable for use everywhere, regardless of climate or soil, making degraded lands usable again.

And that’s just the beginning of our Sustainable Development Plan. With our green initiatives, we strive to:

  • Increase public awareness of a more sustainable future
  • Encourage corporates to join forces to slow down global warming
  • Introduce practices for carbon sequestration and offset

A Brighter Future with Hope

At Tercio, we value partnerships across all sectors as they drive us to develop sustainable solutions, improve the environment and respect the land with compassion and love for the communities and their future.

Our partners play a significant role in driving UTOPIER innovation, while individual practices can make a difference in changing the world. Together, we explore pathways to build a greener and more sustainable living. A place every life can enjoy.

We as one. We are Tercio Group.

Tercio Sustainable Future

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